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PhotoBooth Fun, bydesigndj

Madison’s Sweet 16

PhotoBooth, bydesigndj

Ariana’s Sweet 16

Photo Booth, bydesigndj

Heidi & Enrique


Rachel’s Sweet 16

Photo Booth, DJ, NJ

MHS Lift Holiday Party 2017


USPFO Holiday Party 2017

Hoiday Party

AEGIS Holiday Party 2017


bydesigndj, photobooth

Jessica & Mike

bydesigndj, Photobooth, dj

Elizabeth & Ken

Photo Booth BJ, bydesigndj

Irene & Zach

Photobooth NJ

Allison & Aaron

Photo Booth

Mr. & Mrs. “Super” Squibb

photoboot, wedding, engagement

Jenna & Matt

bydesigndj, photobooth, njweddings

Christina & Ryan

photobooth, njweddings

Renee & Hunter

photobooth, wedding dj, engagement

Megan & Tim

dj, Photo Booth, bydesigndj

Emma & C.J.

DJ, Photobooth, Sweet 16

Ava’s Sweet 16

photobooth, dj, wedding

Dawn & Kevin

dj, phoobooth, wedding

Brianna & Dontai

bydesigndj, photobooth, njweddings

Taylor & Hunter

bydesigndj, photo booth, dj, weddings

Jackie & Dean

Photo Booth, DJ, Weddings

Ashley & Bob

photo booth, Gatsby

Steve’s 30th Surprise Party

Photo Booth, Sweet 16, DJ

Sydney’s Sweet 16 8.25.17

NJ Photo Booth, bydesigndj

Sydney’s Sweet 16


Ashley & Mike

Photo Booth NJ

Nicolette & Bruce

Michelle & Andrew

Michelle & Andrew

Photo Booth, Birthday, DJ

Amanda’s Birthday

PhotoBooth, nj

Danni & Steve

Photo Booth New Jersey

Caitlin & Chris

Running Deer

Running Deer

Parade, Rotary, Photo Booth

Berlin, NJ’s 4th of July Parade with the Berlin Rotary! Float music and sound provided by By Design Entertainment along with it’s ROLLING PHOTOBOOTH!

Photo Booth, Sweet 16

Amber’s Sweet 16

Sweet 16 Photo Booth

Maria’s Sweet 16

NJ Wedding Photo Booth dj

Melissa & John

Team Bride

Katie & Marc

Marissa & Michael


Nicole’s 16th

Christy & Paul

Chris & kayte

Chris & Kayte

njweddings, bydesigndj, openair photobooth, wedding dj

Julie & Shaun

Birthday Party Dj and Photo Booth

Sue’s Birthday

OpenAirPhotobooth, Photo Booth, Bydesigndj

Woodstown Prom 2017

NJ DJ, Prom Photo Booth, bydesigndj

Holy Cross Prom 2017

nj photobooth, dj, wedding dj, nj weddings

Erin & Scott

DJ, Photo Booth, Banquets, bydesigndj

TAC Riptide 2016-2017

Prom Photo Booth NJ

ACS Prom 2017

bydesigndj, photobooth

Aysha & John 4.22

OpenAir PhotoBooth, bydesigndj, wedding dj

Lauren and David 4.15.17

Photo Booth, Wedding DJ

Erica & Michael 4.8.17

#hotandcoles, #bydesigndj

Alyssa & Mike’s Wedding at The Merion

Sweet 16, bydesigndj

Sophia’s Sweet 16

Photobooth NJ, bydesigndj

Cassandra’s Christening

Sweet 16 DJ and Photo Booth

Savvy B’s Sweet 16

PhotoBooth, bydesigndj, wedding dj

JessieLeigh and Mike

Photo Booth, Sweet 16

Vanessa’s Sweet 16

TopSports, By Design Entertaiment

Top Sports Social-Fundraiser

Blacklight Party, DJ, photobooth

Delaney’s Blacklight Birthday Party!

Photobooth NJ, DJ, bydesigndj

Elle’s Birthday “It’s Lit!!!”

ilovekickboxing Winter Social 2017

NJ Photo Booth and DJ Service

Aryanna’s Sweet 16

#bydesigndj, #Photobooth

Melanie & James

2017 Swing Kingdom Dealer Days

Photo Booth New Jersey

Frank’s 75th

Sweet 16 DJ and Photo Booth

Cailey’s Sweet 16

Holiday Party, Open Air PhotoBooth, bydesigndj

Spring Hills Holiday Party ’16

Holiday Party DJ, Photobooth, By Design Entertainment

MHS Lift Holiday Brunch

OpenAirPhotobooth, Photo Booth, bydesigndj

USPFO Holiday Party

bydesigndj, nj Photobooth, sweet 16 dj

Julia’s Sweet 16

photo booth, njweddings, bydesigndj

Shannon & Jim 11.19

bydesigndj, njweddings, njphotobooth

Carla & Mark 11.18

NJ Photo Booth, bydesigndj

Rosana’s Surprise Birthday & Vow Renewal

Photo Booth, By Design Entertainment, NJ Wedding DJ

Caroline & Greg 11.5

photo booth, photobooth, weddingdj, bydesigndj

Megan & Mike 10.30

Photo Booth, DJ, By Design Entertainment

Spring Hills Halloween, Cherry Hill